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Happy Plant Cat Deterrent

Happy Plant Cat Deterrent

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Protect your beloved plants from playful cats and kittens with the Happy Plant Cat Deterrent. This environmentally friendly system effectively stops curious cats and preserves the health and happiness of your plants. Say goodbye to worries about mischievous feline behavior and the messes they leave behind, thanks to this ingenious and effortless solution. It also works great on Christmas trees and more!

What it's made of

Each package contains 10ml of All Natural and non-toxic cat deterrent, along with four flat pine diffusers and two hanging pine diffusers.


Safe for kids, plants, and pets, this all-natural deterrent is made with peppermint, citronella oil, citrus, and other essential oils.


Keep your furry friends away from your plants easily with just a few drops - each bottle has approximately 200 drops. Simply place two to four drops on the lay-flat diffuser and three to five drops on the hanging diffuser. You can adjust the amount of drops used as needed for highly persistent cats.


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